The One Person Show

The One Person Show

Hey there, fellow jewelry lovers! Have you ever felt that spark of joy when you find that perfect piece of jewelry that you absolutely have to have? Well, that's exactly what I aim to bring to you with my little one-person show here at Solar Wilds.

What Makes Solar Wilds Special:

First things first, let's talk about the magic that happens in my cozy little studio. Picture this: me, surrounded by gemstones and silver, pouring my heart into crafting each piece by hand. Each and every piece is handmade originally by me in my home studio. I am the maker, the marketer, the website-builder, the photographer, the list goes on.

Doing Good, Feeling Good:

Now, let's chat about something really important to me: working with other small businesses. I really value knowing where the stones in my jewelry come from and having each piece pass through as few hands as possible before getting to you. I work with a number of small, independent lapidary artists who cut their own stones and are incredibly high-quality to source the stones used in my jewelry. For transparency, I do occasionally buy stones from larger companies when I need a larger batch of stones or very small-sized stones; but when I say I care about where my materials come from, I mean it. I want to make sure that your jewelry doesn't come at the expense of people or the planet. That's why I partner up with individual lapidary artists and larger companies who share my values, so you can feel good about your purchases from me.

Sterling Silver:

Oh, and let's not forget about sterling silver—the majority of my pieces are made with sterling silver, though I occasionally through in some brass or gold accents.. Sterling silver won't irritate (most) people's skin, and it polishes right up beautifully. It's the most fun to take my flame to it and watch it melt into the new piece it will become!

From My Heart to Yours:

What I love most about being a one-woman show is the freedom to let my creativity run wild. From dainty necklaces to bold earrings, my collection has a little something for everyone. Each piece tells a story, and I can't wait for you to find the one that speaks to you.

Shop Small, Make a Big Impact:

When you shop with Solar Wilds, you're not just getting jewelry—you're directly supporting me and the individuals that I buy my stones from. Your purchase helps me keep doing what I love. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being a part of this journey.

Ready to Join the Fun?

If you're ready to add a little sparkle to your life while making a positive impact, then you're in the right place. Head up to the 'shop' tab to shop the collection and read more on the blog to learn more about the magic behind the scenes and all the jewelry care tips. And don't forget to follow along on Instagram and Pinterest for all the latest updates and sneak peeks, you can find me @solarwilds.

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