Take the Leap

Take the Leap

Do it in Pieces

I’ve been metalsmithing for a year and a half now and I still cannot believe I took the leap. I can be the first to shy away from big and intimidating projects, new learnings, etc. I oftentimes will immediately call my partner instead of taking a second to google things with home projects - not my favorite. 

But when it’s something you’re passionate about? Something you find really interesting and wonderful? Take the time. Learn the new skill. It can be done slowly! You don’t have to dive headfirst all-in. Sign up for that class you’ve been scared to take by yourself, invest the time into watching a quick YouTube video to see if it’s something you might be interested in. I’m SO glad I did it. The time will pass whether you take the time to see if it’s worth learning or not, so wouldn’t you rather look back and say you took baby steps towards it? You can always pivot if it’s not for you. I’m so glad I invested into myself and can now say “I’ve been a metalsmith for a year and a half!” instead of “wow I wish I’d started…”

How I Started

I gained an interest in metalsmithing by following other smiths on Instagram and learning more by following their process reels and looking at the pieces they created. Once I realized I was interested in learning more, I watched some YouTube videos and started researching classes in my area.

By the time my class started, I already had a good understanding of the techniques and processes that go into metalsmithing just from watching videos. The class didn’t work out (story for another time), but by that time I knew I was hooked and invested in some basic tools for my home studio. 

I then just made things, and made more things, and then even more things. I spent hours and hours after work each day at my bench, learning and failing and learning some more. I vividly remember the first time I soldered something all in one go, without having to go back and solder again - the best feeling! 

Take your Leap

I could talk forever on this, but whatever you’ve been waiting for the time to be right for - take that first leap. Learn more about it. Do the quick google search or watch the video. Reach out to some peers and see if they’d be willing to talk. Even if it isn’t ultimately a path you pursue deeply, it’s worth it! You’ll be glad to look back and think “I tried that” instead of still wishing you had. 

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